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All-in-one software for risk-free trading of Voice and SMS

Manage interconnects or binds, set rates and routing, send invoices and get paid, in real-time - all on CommSettle
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Manage your processes with ease, from interconnect or bind down to payment and banking funds
Housna Zoubeiri
Internet Director, Comores Telecom
“CommSettle makes carrier trading much more efficient, so much so even finance or technical personnel can trade traffic”
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Simplified user experience making Voice and SMS trading accessible to telcos and professionals of any size and experience
Taher Bouzayen
Director, Antares
“CommSettle is the future of trading for carriers since it secures payments for parties trading traffic in real-time. It’s the first of its kind!”
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Monetise industry relationships with minimal investment of capital, time and resources
Eren Gultekin
CEO, NYX Telecom
“The processes of our industry have been re-designed with quick and simple steps such that carrier companies no longer need to employ large teams for technical, rates and finance”
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Contracts, technical, invoicing, payments, banking funds and more, All-in-one place
Raffaele Maddaluno
CEO, VoiceAreUs
“A sales agent for traffic deals can work with many carriers and get paid commission on the actual traffic exchanges they bring, great flexibility and no risk”
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Getting started is easy
Access all CommSettle features completely free for 7 days
Save time to focus on sales and revenue generation. Improve profits by harnessing automations and reducing resources
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Simple plan, easy payments
Making it easier to grow your business and manage your margins
Wire Transfers
  • Free Setup
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  • All CommSettle features
  • Your brand everywhere
  • Traffic Settlement: 0.25%
  • Fraud Protection
GBP Faster Payments
Trusted by telco entrepreneurs and professionals
See why your industry peers choose CommSettle to help manage their Voice and SMS business
Feraz Ahmed
Hayo Telecom
“Highly professional platform that enables easier way of getting things done and reaching reliable partners. All-inclusive interface for Voice and SMS trade, saving our capital and resources, and allowing us to focus our time on expanding business”
Jonathan Kamil
Jamaa Telecom, UK
“CommSettle makes carrier trading much more efficient, so much so even finance or technical personnel can trade traffic”
Marco Dipasquale
Key Account Manager,
Airtime, Poland
“I love not having to chase people for money, my new rule of VoIP, I only do business using CommSettle”